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The focus of equine therapy with performance horses is on increasing flexibility and building strength. These two things will go a long way to aid injury prevention. In the case of an injury, we can achieve the fastest possible recovery time to get you and your equine partner back in competition.


Often a horse that is ridden for pleasure doesn’t get ridden daily. The goal with the pleasure horse is to maintain their condition year-round; this prevents injury. I will work with you to keep your horse fit, flexible and pain free so that a weekend trail ride doesn’t turn into soreness or lameness that prevents you from enjoying time with your equine partner.


The geriatric horse falls into two categories. Some aging horses can still be used for riding, even if only for lighter riders. The other type of aging horse is our pasture companion. The pasture companion can not be ridden but has joint issues and sore backs that make them uncomfortable, especially in cold weather. Our goal for both of these aging horses is to alleviate pain, decrease muscle atrophy, and lubricate joints thus, keeping our equine partners comfortable into their twilight years.


Young horses often don’t need much therapy because they are still growing and haven’t been put into work yet. Cases of acute injury, congenital contracted tendons, and radial nerve trauma are some of the more common ailments that require therapy in foals. Fast growing horses can suffer from OCD lesions, physitis and epiphysitis. In all of these cases, therapy is done in concentrated doses with the goal of obtaining healing rapidly.


Donkeys and Mules are often used for specific jobs such as companion animals, packing for trail rides, camping or hunting, pulling carts, riding under saddle in various disciplines, and showing. Injury and sore backs are not uncommon to these animals. A regular schedule of therapy is helpful in preventing injury by keeping these equine partners flexible, strong, backs in good condition and joints lubricated, especially in between use.


What is Equine Therapy?

Equine Therapy can be compared to therapy and rehabilitation for humans. As with human therapy, equine therapy is complementary to traditional medicine and treatment. In cooperation with the veterinarian's treatments, the equine therapist aims to decrease pain, accelerate the healing process, and reduce the likelihood of further injury.

What can Equine Therapy achieve?

Equine Therapy can help the performance horse reach its full athletic potential, but goes beyond the scope of treating only performance injuries. Non-invasive modalities are used for horses of all ages, breed and use. Conditions which benefit from treatment include:

  • flexural limb deformities
  • osteochondrosis and post-operative OCD lesion care
  • physitis and epiphysitis
  • radial nerve trauma
  • joint degeneration
  • muscle atrophy
  • muscle soreness
  • fracture healing and bucked shins
  • hematoma
  • tendon and ligament traumas
  • hoof problems
  • stress
  • post-op care
  • wound management


Hi! I’m Erin Kroiss. Helping your equine friend feel and perform their best is my passion. In turn, when I help a horse, I help their owner; both of these things bring me great satisfaction. I love that the modalities I use are noninvasive, so your horse associates me with positive emotions and helping them feel good. Please contact me with your questions so we can discuss how we can work together to get the best from your equine partner. I look forward to meeting you both!


Erin Kroiss holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Midway University in Equine Therapy, and a Bachelor’s of Science from Montana State University in Animal Science with a focus on the feed and health of large animals.

While a practicing equine therapist since 2004, Erin also worked as an equine nurse for the illustrious Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, KY. Erin began her practice in Kentucky, working predominately on Thoroughbred race horses. A subsequent move to Texas allowed Erin’s practice to include various breeds and use of horses from the Quarter Horse to the draft horse and from cutting and reining, dressage and jumping to backyard ponies. Erin, her husband Robert, and their two children now call Loveland, Colorado their permanent home.

Erin welcomes all breeds, age and use of horses to her ambulatory practice. Erin enjoys teaching and educating others about equine therapy and is happy to speak to your local equine interest group or children’s group on the subject.


Erin has been a wonderful addition to my veterinary community, helping provide professional and conscientious treatment to my patients. Her years of clinical experience give her the needed edge in treating all disciplines, from top performance horses to backyard pets. She is delightful to work with and I look forward to her help in my horse world for many years to come.

Michael J. Suit, DVM
Michael J. Suit, DVM, LLC

Erin has been working with my personal horses and the horses at my boarding facility for the past two years on a regular basis. To be honest, initially I was skeptical about laser treatment and other therapeutic modalities. I am now an absolute believer! On one horse in particular, I had worked for six months to heal proud flesh on a leg. Within one month of treatment Erin was able to increase healing more than I had in six months! Erin doesn’t just work on the injury, she works on the whole horse and goes above and beyond in every session.
-Chelsea Miller

Erin Kroiss with Colorado Equine Therapy is incredibly skilled and very knowledgable. My gelding who is extremely flat footed, got the worst abscess the vet and farrier have ever seen. The abscess went through the entire wall of the hoof. The vet was considering putting him down. Erin wanted to try laser therapy and was confident this therapy would repair the tissue damage and increase mobility. Within a week, she had him walking, which shocked the vet! Over the following six months, Erin worked to heal the wound and relax a lot of muscle strain due to compensating for the injured leg. He is now rideable!
-Diana Perko
very happy customer

Erin was wonderful! She worked with my senior Arab gelding who had torn his hamstring. She was quiet and patient and really made him feel calm throughout the therapy sessions. I would highly recommend Erin to treat your horse of any age.
- Lori Fischer

Erin did a wonderful job with our horse. She was able to take a horse we could barely handle because of pain and get him back to the horse he used to be. He would buck and was so unhappy when we started and in only a few short sessions Erin was able to get him to not be in pain and we could handle him with no problems. Erin stuck with it to help our horse feel better. I would highly recommend Erin to work with your horse.
- Stephanie

I solicited Erin’s help to determine whether my 19 year-old gelding’s cinching issues were behavior or pain related. Clearly, the sway in his back was becoming more pronounced. I found Erin to be very knowledgeable, compassionate, and open to a multi-modality approach in her ultimate goal of helping my horse. Erin is a great teacher, not only in explaining in laymen’s terms how her different therapy techniques work, but looking at the whole picture, from nutritional status, saddle fit, prosthetics to bridge the saddle until we could improve his sore back, and what I could do to improve his “fitness level” while his back is healing. She used Cold Laser on the “hot spots”, as well as, stretching techniques which has greatly improved his comfort level. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing equine physical therapy, and definitely will call upon her again as the needs arise.
- Gail Stout, Windsor

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